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If there is one thing that we all want, it has to be RESULTS, great ones at that. I am yet to meet someone who who does not want to experience great results in their life. What about you?

The golden question is "how can I achieve the results I want?" and the answer is very simple yet complex. There are three elements which affect our ability to achieve our goals, you can read about it here

Today, we will deal with the most important of the three: Vision.
The foundation of sustainable success is vision, a clear vision. What is a vision? A vision is the bigger picture you have for your business and life, it is where you want to ultimately end up. I cannot stress how important it is for you to have a CLEAR vision. Sometimes when I am speaking on stage, I ask a few people this question "what is your vision?" and the answers I get are hardy ever descriptive, confident and clear. 

A clear vision will come to pass however, an ambiguous vision will leave you confused, tired and frustrated. Here are two questions you need to answer in order to help you to create a clear vision for your life:
  1. What problem are you willing to solve for others?
  2. What are you willing to give in order for you to have what you want to have?

The answers to these questions will provide you with the data you need in order to create a clear vision for your business and life.

I, for example, solve a problem which plagues all of us, especially large multi-national corporations, that problem is the mental barrier we bump into whenever we want to move onto a higher level of performance. I was and still am willing to give everything I have, my energy, my time, my experience, my perspective and my life.

It is not just about cutting pictures out of a bunch of magazines and putting them up on your wall, it is more about setting a clear intention for your life and being willing to give what you have in order for you to get what you desire. You can achieve anything you desire to achieve if you are clear on what you want and if you are committed to giving everything you have in order to have it.

So, what do you really want to achieve in your life?