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What things I am doing…

I keep myself very busy by running 3 global companies, raising my son, playing Chess, cooking scrumptious meals for my family, playing a lot of Call of Duty and just living a meaningful life overall.

Personal Development Consultant

Helping corporations and small businesses to break the plateaus restricting their growth and success through training programs. 

Contributor Writer

Writing inspirational and practical articles for some of the world's biggest personal development platforms.

Professional Speaker

My messages are always encouraging, thought-provoking and actionable. Motivational and effectual messages.

Book Publisher

Helping people to solidify their expert positioning and to share their perspectives by publishing fiction and non-fiction books globally.

A little more about Webster...

Webster Tsenase started his entrepreneurial journey at 18 when he co-founded his first company, he then later on dropped out from Law school and focused on the business, which failed.

He recovered from the failed business and started another one which hardly got off the ground and he failed again. Born from his parents, who are highly educated and where teachers, they couldn't understand his life and moves. He stayed home for 2 years, doing nothing but finding out who he was and what he wanted for his life.

One day Webster had a dream which totally changed his entire life. From there onwards, he was never the same again, he began studying great men and women, attended workshops, read books, studied and graduated in management development and started his first successful business in 2014 and the rest is history.

Fast forward to today, Webster runs 3 global companies, lives his dream life literally and is greatly impacting people for the better wherever he goes.

Webster is living proof that all you need is a vision and sheer determination to be successful.

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